Economic Times Catapooolt Changemaker: Mr. Vinit: Herbs@work

Name-Mr.Vinit Startup- Jiwadaya(Herbs@work) Category-Healthcare Ayurveda is not a mere healing system. It is much more than that. It is a vast ocean of wisdom designed to help people stay healthy and vibrant. We understand the present lifestyle and eating habits of the generation with Digestive Acidity market in India is estimated to be INR 1750 […]

Economic Times Catapooolt Changemaker-Mr. Amit Miglani- CleanSeat

Name-Mr. Amit Miglani Startup-Cleanseat Category-Healthcare We all know the deplorable conditions of public or community toilets we all have to use occasionally. Whether it’s while we are travelling or on an event, unclean and mismanaged toilets are always a turn-off. Specifically, for women, it is like an open invitation to a plethora of germs and […]