Economic Times Catapooolt Changemaker- Mr. Roopam Chadha: Tulisys Tech

Name- Mr.Roopam Chadha Startup- Tulisys Tech Category- Electronics (Tech) In 21st Century, where technology is changing our lives on a rapid pace mobile is one such blessing to the society. Mobile phones has brought a revolutionary change from making work easier by connecting via emails to transferring data faster than a glimpse and enabling wireless […]

Economic Times Catapooolt Changemaker: Mr. Pawan Kumar : Smart Fabrics

Name: Pawan Kumar Irukulla Startup :Smart Fabrics Category: Technology Innovations Pawan Kumar Irukulla Founder & CEO Smart Fabrics and Anil Mudulakar Co-Founder developed ‘Smart Fabrics’ ensuring the safety of women. This idea evolved after the ‘Nirbhaya’ Case that occurred a few years ago, making women safety a major focus. With rapid advancement in technology having […]

EconomicTimes Catapooolt Changemaker: Mr.Viswanadh : Simplifi Softech

Name: Viswanadh Akella Startup: Simplyfi Softech Category: Technology Innovations Have you heard of the golden goose story? Do you wish to have such golden goose giving golden egg on a daily basis? This can never become real but what if your wallet intelligently invests into low risk and high return investments on daily basis, but […]

Economic Times Catapooolt Changemakers: Mr. Sakyabrata: Peazy

Name- Sakyabrata Dutta Startup-Peazy Category-Technology Understanding the adverse pain of finding a parking lot, Sakyabrata Dutta, Founder of Peazy created an app which lets you find a location for parking your vehicles. Parking is a pain, no matter which city you live in. Civic infrastructure rarely seems to be able to keep pace with a […]

Economic Times Catapooolt Changemakers: Mr. Vijay Dhavala- DHAVALAS

Name- Vijay Dhavala Startup- Dhavalas Category- Technology DHAVALAS offers end to end integrated farming services to the farmers. All these technology driven services are offered at one broad platform, where a common farmer, who is aggrieved of the traditional farming situation gets complete support from Dhavalas. The idea of the startup is to improve farmer’s […]