Economic Times Catapooolt Changemaker-Mr. Amit Miglani- CleanSeat

Name-Mr. Amit Miglani Startup-Cleanseat Category-Healthcare We all know the deplorable conditions of public or community toilets we all have to use occasionally. Whether it’s while we are travelling or on an event, unclean and mismanaged toilets are always a turn-off. Specifically, for women, it is like an open invitation to a plethora of germs and urinary tract infections which can be lethal. How often have you changed a toilet stall just to check it isn’t splattered with pee? I am sure there is a crippling fear of potentially sitting on someone’s pee. So it’s quite common for women to ‘hold it in’ while in a public sphere because they choose not to use an unclean toilet and just stay uncomfortable for the rest of the day, unable to eat or drink. I empathize with the debilitating concerns of having one’s thighs and partial butt-cheeks touch a place that was recently touched by a stranger. I understand how icky that is. Nobody loves swapping dead skin cells with strangers. But it’s time to say goodbye to your toilet worries! With a new and innovative product CleanSeat, women can now use public toilets without the fear of contracting a fatal infection! This disposable toilet seat cover called CleanSeat is a thin disposable layer that you can spread over the surface of a toilet before use, it works as a shield by helping women stay away from unclean surfaces. Making health and the environment a priority, these biodegradable sheets can be disposed off on the spot, much like a toilet paper. Serving as a protective layer, it prevents contact between the surface of our skin and the unclean surface of a toilet! It is revolutionary product and it will solve the major problem faced by women. Our vision is that every woman start carrying their cleanseat in their handbag and it’s going to be very exciting. CleanSeat provides a solution to women for a pee/levitation to stay away from infections in public toilets and product is easy to use, carry and anti-bacterial. If you support this, it ultimately helps your friends and family. So, when are you going to make health a priority and start using CleanSeat? They are now amongst the top 32 Catapooolt Changemakers Season 2 and are trying to bring a change in their disruptive idea. You too can be a part of their initiative by backing them on –

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