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Campaign Owner: Bharat Kumar Startup Name: CBYS Lucky Candles Category: Craft

How do you invoke happy memories? Well, if given a chance to go back to the early 1980’s and also have an opportunity to fund Infosys, I bet you would like to be part of Infosys, if YES, then this story is for you and about you. Mr. Bharat Kumar, Founder Lucky Candles came up with the idea of starting this venture aiming to provide number of jobs. Designer Candles will be one of the most happening industries in the upcoming days. A rough estimate based on our past 4 years’ experience and the industry facts says India at least has a potential to be $10 billion. Want to be part of the very few who would like to be part of this industry? We welcome you on board. And yes you would definitely be happy to be the ones who are going to create a number of jobs as Lucky Candles is also going to be a one stop shop for all candles, raw materials and also in imparting training. Hence, we would be part of creating more entrepreneurs.

Be a part of a new Industry and just not a company. At Lucky Candles, candle making training is free for Women (from rural areas), members of BPL families. You can nominate them for any of our sessions to learn the art of candle making and start their own venture.

Designer candles are relatively a new concept in India as compared to the other developed countries. A huge market potential with reasonably good disposable cash at hand for the WOW effect. The current funds that have been received would go for the operations activities (salaries and raw materials majorly).

Lucky Candles has 4 years on field experience interacting with real time customers and has been successfully delivering the customized candles based on customer specifications with strict timeliness for both prototype and production as well. There are no near competitors in India for Lucky Candles. If there is any, please let us know and we will tell you why we are the best.

90% of our business is from our old clients and there is no customer whom we lost in the last 4 years. Lucky Candles will always be thankful to Mr. Nirajan and Florance Flora. Our first customer who believed in us in delivering a good quality product.

Let’s grab this chance to be part of the initiators for the new industry in India and be part of ‘Make in India Campaign’!

Lucky Candles aims to set up first of its kind, which is an exclusive retail outlet for candles and candle making materials in Hyderabad.

This initiative can be the key to driving business success for every marginal people out there.

They are now amongst the top 32 Catapooolt Changemakers Season 2 and are trying to bring a change in their disruptive idea in creating more entrepreneurs. You too can be a part of their initiative by backing them on –—lucky-candles?camp=CBYAE1NOFW&pid=NTYy&uid=NjYzNQ==

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