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The story begins when Praveen Dorna moved back from the US to India in early August 2015 and was working on the startup idea along with his Co-Founder to help bring more visibility to startups in India. However, it was very challenging for them with limited connections and knowledge of the startup ecosystem to meet the right people, get the relevant information, help and resources that can shape their idea into a successful venture. With more research, they realized that there is a huge discovery problem in the entire startup ecosystem. The majority of the founders were struggling to get to the right people, organizations and resources due to either ignorance of the existence of such help or not being able to curate on which are the best and most relevant ones to spend their time. Also, the whole startup ecosystem is highly fragmented and dis-aggregated with very limited places to look for help. Everyone was locally trying to help startups in their own way but it was not getting the reach it deserves. So they decided to address all these problems via StartupByte.

StartupByte was conceptualized with a strong vision of bringing together the whole startup ecosystem onto one single platform and connecting them in a powerful way, where discovering information, engaging with each other and growing together is done seamlessly irrespective of one’s location. They strongly believe that entrepreneurship should not be limited by boundaries or ecosystem constraints for one to succeed and they are doing their bit in making this happen via StartupByte.

Startup Byte solves the challenge at 3 levels:

Discovery: Find everything around startups (people, organizations, resources, activity) in one single place with solid search filters by industries and location. Suggestion/Recommendation Engine and Machine learning will be used in due course to make it even smarter and personalized. Engagement: Engage with interactive online events such as Ask Me Anything (AMA) or Hangouts via StartupByte. Grow: Connect with the right talent, organizations, service providers and resources around startups much faster than existing social channels. Read curated news and educational content around startups. They see a vision of democratizing the startup ecosystem in India where everyone is empowered to come up with the next big thing. Please join the Startup India movement!

They have a strong team with the relevant experience and passion for making StartupByte happen. They are 2 Founders with over 20 years of combined experience across tech and managerial roles between India and US. They have worked across the spectrum ranging from startups, mid-size companies to MNCs. Both the Founder and the Co-Founder hold MBA degrees in Entrepreneurship from the US and have a good understanding of Indian and Global Startup ecosystem. One of them is a Full Stack Developer with strong knowledge and experience in Product and Technology in relevant products. The startup consists of 10 team members (6 in Technology and 4 in Business) in a combination of full-time, part time and internships.

The BURNING PROBLEM: Entrepreneurship is the way to go for solving majority of India’s problems in innovative ways and helping the Indian economy grow to emerge as a superpower. India with 1.3 billion population is seeing a high growth in the number of startups and has become the third largest hub with 10,000+ startups, however, there are significant challenges for entrepreneurship to flourish.

Your funding will help us in finding the Innovative Solution that will ease the life of the founders and will give everyone an opportunity to get the help they need at any stage of their startup. Everyone need not come to major cities anymore in search of ecosystems for practicing entrepreneurship. Now they can sit and access the ecosystem from anywhere, be it even Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities. All with a single click of a website or a mobile app. One doesn’t need to go to an ecosystem, the ecosystem will be accessible at their doorstep. More successful startups will create more jobs and help our country’s economy to flourish. This falls directly in line with Startup India Fund and help make India be the startup capital of the world.

They are now amongst the top 32 Catapooolt Changemakers Season 2 and are trying to bring a change in their disruptive initiative. You too can be a part of their initiative by backing them on –

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