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Name-Mr.Vinit Startup- Jiwadaya(Herbs@work) Category-Healthcare

Ayurveda is not a mere healing system. It is much more than that. It is a vast ocean of wisdom designed to help people stay healthy and vibrant. We understand the present lifestyle and eating habits of the generation with Digestive Acidity market in India is estimated to be INR 1750 Cr growing at 12-15% annually and will reach INR 3000 Cr by 2022. We started with studying the approach of Polyherbalism. The concept revolves around the use of many herbs to increase the result of the formulation.In order to add taste and be easily consumable by the patients we met Ayurvedacharya’s and Formulation Development Experts who would guide us on the use of Sitopala (Khadisakar) and few other Ayurvedic ingredients which would add to the taste. Our dedication and research showed excellent posititve result when we finally came up with a formulation that is chewable and in accordance to all the norms of herbal tablets

Now with the formula fixed, we started exploring modern and commercial manufacturing procedures like decoction and microencapsulation to achieve desired results. After months of permutation and combination of process and materials we devised a unique method which achieved final outcome of very PALATABLE CHEWABLE TABLETS. We developed Antaj in flavours of Mint, Vanilla and Butterscotch – a NATURAL CHEWABLE PALATABLE tablet which is quick acting and at the same time provides relief for even chronic complaints. This is one such herbal product which is not just bringing a symptomatic relief unlike other OTC products available in the market which are more chemical in nature, but provides a solution to the cause of the problem.

We need your support to spread this product PAN India, to address the reason of lack of marketing for lack of acceptance of Ayurvedic Products. We want every Indian to use the Indian heritage of healthcare which even has the support of our PM through the Directorate of Ayush under the Ministry of Health. We want the world to acknowledge the power of Indian medicinal knowledge which is secondary to none and definitely not an Alternative Science but a Main Stream one.

With your help we look at making Antaj available at 65-70% of Medical Stores and 90% of Ayurvedic Stores. This will help people gain access to a product which is Natural and provides relief from the most rampant disease Acidity without any adverse effects. Join us in our war against Acidity, Hyperacidity, Heartburn, Flatulence, gas, Indigestion and abdominal problems.

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