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Farishtey, a venture started by Aniket Agarwal, gives you the possibility of ‘Delivering Anything… Anywhere’. Living in a fast-paced world, we often face problems of doing too much in too little time. Often the ”too much” comprises of delivering something or getting a product to you or simply an errand which requires you to step out of your home or office, which includes grocery picking, giving and collecting clothes from laundry, medical, paying bills and plethora of similar tasks. Errands, on their own, are very small but when account for the time you spent in undertaking the travel to do them, the traffic on the way or the fatigue of waiting in a queue for your turn or the effort required by the task exceeds the value of the errand. Farishtey is an on-demand delivery service that delivers anything anywhere. We understand that time is of the essence and we offer a solution to our customers by removing the inconvenience and hassle one would otherwise face, by being at their service to deliver almost anything to everything, from anywhere to everywhere within Pune in the least possible time. Files and Documents, Clothes, Laundry, Tiffin and packed Meals, Gifts, Invitations, Keys, Books, Samples, Brochures, School Bags, Invoices and anything. Farishtey would have been a too ambitious project to fund if the funding would have been sought in its conceptual stage. The business, however, over the period of past few months have not only sustained itself without a single penny of investment but has also made money to fund its mobile app development through its smart pricing practices. Leading global brands like SUBWAY, SMOKIN JOES, ZOMATO, FnP do not do business with amateurs. However, it was a difficult task to get them on board that too on a regional platform. But since the time they have been with us, our services have been rated 4.5 stars. On the contrary, Farishtey has been recommended by them to other businesses in their industry.

We have a strong belief that just an IDEA is not enough to nurture the business. Farishtey as an idea was secondary, however, the need to get personal and family errands were done was a primary root for the birth of Farishtey. Thus ”SOLUTION TO PERSONAL CHALLENGES” became a business Idea. The biggest credibility testimony of a business is its customers. As a humble gesture, we would like to share that our customers have great belief and trust in Farishtey, and this was not built in a day. Since the deliveries are to be done physically, there are many H.R challenges we face on a daily basis.

One of our USP’s is the way we treat and care for our riders which compel them to pass on the goodness to the customers.

From files to documents, clothes to Tiffin and brochures to school bags, we got it all covered. You can now support our venture by helping us get funded.

Farishtey is now amongst the top 32 Catapooolt Changemakers Season 2 and is trying to bring a change in their disruptive idea to deliver anything anywhere. You too can be a part of their initiative by backing them on –

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