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Name- Sakyabrata Dutta Startup-Peazy Category-Technology Understanding the adverse pain of finding a parking lot, Sakyabrata Dutta, Founder of Peazy created an app which lets you find a location for parking your vehicles. Parking is a pain, no matter which city you live in. Civic infrastructure rarely seems to be able to keep pace with a city’s growing demands, and parking is no different. With private four-wheeler population in India’s top 6 metro cities touching 5 million, the number of designated public parking areas in these cities is less than 2000 in total. No wonder that people park wherever they can, illegally if necessary, leading to congestion and chaos on the roads. Various studies suggest that it can take a driver up to 10-15 minutes on an average to locate a vacant parking spot. This act of ‘cruising’ to look for an available spot can contribute up to 30% of a city’s traffic congestion, not to mention increased emissions due to the needless driving. Western countries have tried a combination of high pricing and technology interventions to tackle the problem, and succeeded in organizing the industry to a certain extent. In India, what makes matters worse is that over 85% of parking happens on-street. On-street parking is not easy to manage through infrastructure deployment due to the open nature of the lots. To compound the problem, the parking prices in India are some of the lowest in the world. The municipalities controlling the parking lots keep prices low to keep citizens happy. This implies that any private player would not find it viable to invest in infrastructure development since the margins are too slim. No wonder then the parking problem is going from bad to worse day by day. The most viable solution in a situation like this is to connect parking users to one another, or better still, use location information of various parking users to create an AI-based guidance system that can help drivers find free parking spots faster. Such a solution bypasses the price and infrastructure constraints that plague the industry and reach out directly to the end users and solve a problem that affects them daily. The campaign introduces Peazy, an intelligent parking locator. Under stressful city driving conditions, when you’re looking for parking, Peazy allows you to stay in control. You can look up parking lots nearby and see their availability status. We use AI to locate free lots, and this information can be accessed by the user absolutely for free. If you live in a metro city, chances are you know what a nightmare parking has become. It’s a difficult industry to operate in but we keep soldiering on with the knowledge that our solution can make a difference to millions of commuters worldwide. We are very young and need financial support. Little of what you do will help us make a better tomorrow for you and everyone else. Peazy now stands amongst the top 32 Catapooolt Changemakers Season 2 and are trying to bring a change in their disruptive idea in making a better tomorrow. You too can be a part of their initiative by backing them on –

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