Fairy In My Oven

Raina Gupta, 45 years in age, come from a simple family where girls are given freedom but they are meant to be good housewives. But her passion towards baking and hunger to do something in life, turned her from a housewife to an entrepreneur. This journey was not so easy for her.

She started learning small baking courses according to the time she could take out from her daily routine. She worked hard mentally and physically, with small kids and tried to keep a balance between home and work. She started taking a few orders from home only. People didn’t took her seriously as an entrepreneur.

But with focus and continuous hard work towards achieving the best, now she is running her bakery from home. She has developed her own recipes for cakes and desserts.

Now she give professional training to those who want to take up bakery as their profession. Raina says ,” I truly feel that a simple housewife has the potential to make herself independent, without any intellectual or professional degree. I have learned a lot through this process. I am much more managed, confident and active than before. I have added few feathers to my cap.”

She has participated in many contest and won accolades for the same.

She aspires to start her own training center for culinary arts.

She is in real sense a “Culinary Fairy”

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