Economic Times Catapoolt Change Makers Mr.Krishna ravi

Mr.Krishna Ravi,Founder & Managing Director at Reckon Green Innovations

Pvt Ltd to promote energy efficiency. Associated with LED since 1987

through information displays and since then has been following the

evolution of LED in to lighting. A self learner and keenly interested in

innovation and searching for ways to do things better. My friends tell me

that, I am always ten years ahead and people often can’t perceive the

solutions I propose due to various reasons. But age slowed me down to

match with current times and the innovation in LED Tube light coincides

with requirements of today.

Developed many solutions in POS communications and was associated with

new technologies all my life which includes LED displays in 1980s and Digital

talking poster in 1994, Thermal binding covers in 1998, LED lighting since


Incorporated Reckon Green Technologies in the year 2013 to offer turnkey

solutions in energy efficiency for individuals and institutions. Our

experience in doing lighting projects has brought in realization that branded

products with high price tags does not give the best deal to customers with

respect to savings, payback and ROI. Also cheaper products do not confirm

to standards and assured service. This led us to define our own

specifications and source for products matching to them. They are not

available in India and are very expensive to import forcing us to develop our

own. We have listed the pain points and problems faced by all stakeholders

and found solutions to address them. The result has been good and

impressive with the features incorporated in the product.

Our product price was higher than most popular brands, but all existing

customers were happy to pay 40% higher than popular brands. But many

well-wishers and industry consultants advised that India being a price

sensitive market, it might be difficult to scale up at high prices. Also the

industry saw a sudden crash of LED lamp prices by 70% in two years largely

due to the mass procurement and publicity of prices by EESL.

This fall had also reduced the quality standards of the products offered and

their life time. Then we have converted our tube light to double side

detachability to separate production of lamps and plug-in- drivers separately

and integrated in to one by customers after purchase. This gave us the

flexibility to select the material of construction and performance to match

with requirements of price and also performance. Customers too, got the

opportunity to choose the desired drivers based on their functional needs

and integrate with the lamp before installation.

The design also allows us to contract manufacture common tube lamps

anywhere in the world to reduce shipping costs and also meet the

mandatory local production norms. Driver end caps will be manufactured by

us and supplied from India in separate packing to control quality and


We need crowd funding to take up trail production in automated EMS

facilities to analyse the production issues before scale up.

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