Economic Times Catapoolt Change Makers Mr.Pushkar

We are into Animal healthcare and at present we provide expert home veterinary services. Our primary motto is Care, Convenience and Connect in Pet Healthcare. Through use of technology (phone, web and WhatsApp) and Vet Doctors physical presence (wherever required) we provide immediate guidance and vet care for your pets & four legged friends. Vetstore was founded to fulfil the need for a unique customer experience and engagement in the field of Vet Doctors.

As we know taking a pet to a clinic is not easy and needs a specific time, vehicle, managing the pet and waiting at the vet clinic. Whereas hardly 20% of the cases needs a visit at the clinic and rest 80% can be easily attended/ treated at home or resolved on phone by our Vet Doctors.

We are a natural connect between the pet/ animal lovers and persons who have a technical and professional capability to help wherever required. One of the immediate medium through which we connect and assist immediately is mobile/ telephone. We want to make sure that whenever someone rings our phone it is answered immediately or reverted at the first instance through implementation of web telephone. The funds raised will help us in treating more pets/ animals who might be in need for our services. The web telephony will help us in tracking and attending to calls without fail!

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