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The Digital Journey My first exposure to the world of digital marketing was in 2000 at the height of the dot com boom in India where I had the opportunity to join India’s first digital brand consulting firm Brandquiver. Coming from a traditional brand and marketing background the exposure that digital marketing gave me was huge. For the first time as a marketer I realized the power technology enabled marketing could give to me. Since 2000 Rajesh has been involved closely with digital marketing first as the CMO of Brandquiver where he worked with brands like TVS in helping them bridge the vernacular digital medium. He later moved on as the CEO of Solutions- at that point India’s largest marketing services company where he continued dabbling in digital and technology with clients like ESPN, Microsoft , Cisco and others. When Solutions was acquired by Publicis Groupe of France, Rajesh took the entrepreneurial plunge to start his own marketing services agency- Impact Marketing in 2006. In 9 years, the company grew to having 6 branches and a host of clients like Microsoft, Cisco, Britannia, Usha, Educomp, Coca-Cola and others. In 2015, the company sold its marketing services business and focused completely on Digital Marketing, especially technology enabled marketing for brands. The company continued offering digital services to brands and in 2016 made a conscious decision to change its customer audience focus from the enterprise segment to the small business segment given the fact it was the small business segment that was propelling the growth of the medium globally. Over the next 2 years, he learned several important aspects which led to the ultimate end of kick starting How To Do Digital Marketing. a) Small Business’s in India was grossly uneducated and unaware of what digital marketing could do for their business although the interest was extremely high. Every small business knew intrinsically that Digital was the way forward. B) The market was replete with scores of fly-by-night operators who thought nothing of either educating their customers or of emptying their wallets. Seeing the un-satisfied demand in the market for knowledge relating to digital marketing, Rajesh took it upon himself to create a one-stop content platform where anyone who was interested to learn more about Digital Marketing could come and acquire the knowledge. How To Do Digital Marketing (

The core of the platform is content related to Digital Marketing- content that helps people learn digital marketing in the format they want to learn. The aim of the platform is to provide high quality in-depth content relating to all subject matters of digital marketing in different formats that users like to consume. This has led to the platform creating textual content ( in the form of blogs and in-depth articles ), presentation content , Video Content ( in the form of webinars and online videos), Classroom content in the form of digital courses specifically designed for job seekers and entrepreneurs , Online webinar based content, Forums and Discussion based content and Advisory content – all with the singular aim of helping people learn.

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