Dr. Surabhi Jain

Dr Surabhi Jain is a celebrity nutritionist and health professional with more than a decade of progressive experience in the sector. Dr.Surabhi is among the very few Nutritionist who belong to field of medicine by training who later, went on to pursue a Masters’ in Business Administration and post-graduation in nutrition from the esteemed Public Health Foundation of India.In the earlier part of her career, as a public health professional, she worked extensively in maternal, child health and nutrition. Her earlier public health stints  with professional bodies, government and NGO’s like IAP, UNICEF etc. became the drivers of her passion to finding organic and non-medicalized solutions to health issues. She is the Founder of “NUTRIWELL India”, one of the leading consultancies in Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. She has been the guiding force for team Nutriwell India to provide context based, nutrition and dietary solutions for health problems.In partnership with corporates and NGOs, she has led numerous workshops and knowledge sharing sessions. Even to date, with innumerable success stories and testimonials to her account, she drives her passion to give indivualized, patient centric care. She has worked with many schools for the betterment of malnourished children. PCOS is something which is very close to her heart and she practices complete Herbal solution for her PCOS/PCOD clients. For her invaluable contribution to the field of Nutrition, she was awarded the “Excellence in Health care” by the World Women Leadership Congress in 2016. She has also been nominated for the SUPER WOMEN ACHIEVER 2016-17 in the health sector. For more on her, she has been a regular feature on the female show “SANGINI”, ETV,

D-313, Church Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

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