Dr. Tushar Chetwani

When I was in school, I used to face huge difficulty in memorizing, retaining & recollecting my subjects. The moment I used to realize that my exams are approaching I used to fall sick. I had a strong belief that I am not a good student & I have poor memory. But all belief changed when I read a book (In the year 2001), this book was on Memory Techniques to score more marks in exams, I applied some methods & could see the difference, since then I became interested in this subject. Finally, in the year 2007 I met Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury (Memory Expert & Author of 25 Books on Memory Techniques) in New Delhi, I approached him & requested him for an appointment, which he gave me for the next day. He gave me 4 hours from his busy schedule & gave me personal training on the subject “Mnemonics” after this training I read number of books on memory enhancement techniques to understand the subject. After spending around 6 months in understanding the subject I realised that the functioning of our brain is very simple & memorizing anything is not very difficult but can be made very easy, if you know the right method….. “Method is the Mother of Memory”. After this I approached almost all the good schools of Lucknow for ‘Memory Enhancement Program’ but not a single school gave me an opportunity. My journey started when I met Dr. (Mrs.) Bharti Gandhi, Founder Director – City Montessori Group of Schools in the month of March 2008. In the very first meeting she appreciated the concept & offered me start my program in City International School & City Montessori School. After this there was no looking back…… Being a Memory Trainer is not an easy job…. A Biology teacher has to teach Biology, Chemistry teacher has to teach Chemistry…. History teacher has to teach History……. But a Memory Trainer has to teach students how to memorize, retain & recollect all the subjects…. With positive thoughts & firm belief I started my Memory Training Programs. My first lecture was in City International School, Lucknow in the month of May 2008 & since then we are associated with City Montessori Group of Schools. I could not believe my ears when in an Award Ceremony at Air Force Auditorium, New Delhi my name was announced as the Winner of “Best Memory Trainer’s Award Title” (Male Category) by “India Book of Records. After this award I thought that my students should also attempt for National Memory Record….. Current population of India is approximately 125 crores & there are approximately 60 categories in “India Book of Records” in the field of Memory & Brain Power. Our team trains students in such a way that they attempt for National Memory Record also. It is a yearly event that my organization conducts in the month of March or April. Till now approximately 200 National Memory Records have been made by our students. It was another surprise when Chief Editor of Vietnam Book of Records – Mr. Le Tran Traung Ann visited Lucknow & presented Award of Appreciation for my contribution in the field of memory training. “Memory Infinite” – the first book authored by me was released & in a very short span of 4 months been declared as National Best Seller. In the year 2017 I was conferred with Honorary Doctorate for my contribution in the field of memory training by World Record University (U.K.) I not only train school going students but I am also a visiting Memory Trainer for Income Tax Department Lucknow since 2010. This year again 33 students from “Memory Infinite” have made National Memory Record. I feel proud when I see students who were not able to memorize simplest of things when they joined my course & then attempt for a National Memory Record. This gives me strength to work more….. Currently I am writing another book for students which will be a short & crisp guide for them to excel in exams….. Apart from being a memory trainer, we (Me & My Wife) also own a Preschool in Lucknow. Dr. Tushar Chetwani

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