Mr. Vaibhav Kumar Srivastava

Managing Director

La Event Rockers, Lucknow

Having strong Faith in God and hard work, I have always been passionate & kept motivated myself to achieve the goal. I believe in proverb “where there is a will there is a way”. In nascent, after completing my bachelors in hotel management from xyz schools, Mumbai, like every fresher, I too joined a few of the renowned organization to work with for the fruitful results keeping a better future in mind. However Later on, I realized that this is not something I had borne for. Why not do something different that suits my candidature and skills as well in an innovative way.This way, thinking over no. of months, I concluded with an option to enter into business so that along with my own interest to do something different, jobs opportunities for job seekers can be created as well. Eventually, I determined & decided to establish Event Management business. Though, it was not that easy for me to step next without sufficient capital as no business can survive longer. In addition, there is also a big chance of failure until you have a strong back up and support from your friend and family, unfortunately, I never had both. Taking the risk of failure as challenge & applying positive attitude, I fell into business and started stepping forward. During all this, I faced very extreme situations that I cannot explain. Still, I would again say it positively that all this is a test taken by God to xamine your determination. Luckily, the time had come when my business starts crawling and soon it went into pace & successfully running on. I always targeted to our clients satisfaction and never thought much about my profit or loss. Moving a step forward, I welcomed all our staffs’ suggestion. Every week, I conducted a meeting to discuss the betterment of the company by giving best to the clients. This also reflected in our service and clients deliverables.