Anjali Singh


Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh, since her childhood, had intolerance to poverty and underprivileged society

around her. She believed in Chinese proverb “Don’t give the Bread but Give the art of

earning Bread”.

After her MBA and 10 years of Private Job, Anjali formed “Jute Artisans Guild

Association” in 2009 which was an organization that manufacture jute diversified

products. She decided to extend the coverage to more skilled rural women artisans in

her venture, in order to provide them economic sustainability through Skill up gradation.

The individual entrepreneurs were facing lot of problems in selling their products due to

lack of awareness but Anjali’s aim to provide the livelihood to these women helped them

to employ her marketing skills and thereafter the organization made liaison with number

of private and government organizations in order to popularize their products in the

competitive market.

Other main problem was to convince the family members of the artisans, as being a

male dominated society it was difficult for the rural women to come out of their families

and work. Some cases were really very serious and in order to show these women the

outer world to work, Anjali had to really put in extra efforts to get them to work.

Initially she started the manufacturing activities in a room at her home with just 2 women

artisans and now there are over 200+, who are working in the project.

After joining FLO, Anjali got a different platform for her product. It was a entirely

new experience wherein she met and interacted with FLO members entrepreneurs

of different sectors, learnt, explored new avenues to launch her ideas in a

supportive and nurturing environment. FLO opened new avenues for Anjali to

showcase / promote her product to the new clientele.

Various opportunities were given to setup stalls at FLO events to showcase and

also sell the products. Order frequency increased, as Anjali’s product was seen

as a substitute of polythene/ plastic by almost all Flo members for their industry

or corporate use. Anjali was encouraged to conduct “Jute Bag Making” Training

workshops to spread the art of earning bread. Ten such trainings were organized

under FLO flagship.

Anjali’s Organization and FLO jointly tied up with AWWA, Lucknow and started

Jute training program under WE Skill Initiative for War widows and their

daughters. Because of FLO she got lot of coverage in print and electronic media.

Anjali is working in mission mode creating employment to these rural under privileged

women who face a lot of troubles in their family life, assisting them to lead a respectable

life with economic assurance. These women artisans have become self-dependant,

strong and confident. They could easily meet the basic necessities of life, give their

children better education and save for future needs

Recently Anjali has been allotted Jute Raw Material Bank of Northern India, by GOI to

promote and sell Jute at mill gate price. In the near future Anjali is planning to provide

more and more coverage to rural/ urban unprivileged women by giving them the

leadership with her full competency and enthusiasm.

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