Asaweri Yadav

Asaweri Yadav

“Find your passion and let it kill you.”

This is Asaweri Yadav here. I am a masters in Journalism from St. Xaviers Mumbai. I did my graduation from Manipal University, Karnataka. After finishing my Masters, I joined The Pioneer in Lucknow as a reporter. After a yearlong stint in the newspaper I did quit my job to launch a weekly newspaper of my own.

As a journalist I always aspired to become a political journalist, which is a position usually given to senior journalists. To my disappointment The Pioneer did the same. After which I launched ‘News Measurements’, a Hindi political weekly tabloid.

News Measurements was launched on December 21, 2015 with pomp and show inaugurated by then Chief Secretary, Mr. Alok Ranjan in the presence of many other prominent bureaucrats of the state.

As a young journalist I always believed in crisp journalism but with experience I also learned that the general public is very simple and naïve. Sometimes reporting just facts may also mislead them to wrong conclusions, as the facts can also be presented in ways incalculable. So I decided that my newspaper won’t do what is against the ethics of journalism, and we came up with the motto of our brand that’s “Balance between News and Perspective.”

And since then we have been sticking to our motto religiously, we present the facts as they are and then we give all the possible perspectives to those facts. So, it becomes easy for our readers and followers to comprehend as to what is happening in the world and the motives held behind the scenes.

Here in News Measurements, we are team of about 20 people who are very supportive and hardworking. Whatever the paper has become today is the upshot of the teamwork that each one of us have put into it.

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