Ms. Payal Singh

Ms. Payal Singh

An entrepreneur, a house maker, a mother. I’ve been into my business for 1.5 years now, owner of ‘Lifestyle’.

Lifestyle is a one stop fashion store which keeps latest trendy stuff, clothing and dealership of confluence crystals as well.

This store is one of the unique stores which focuses on Shopping experience. It has a very vast range of all products. Whether you need any smart purse you can match that with matching shoes, matching western wear and with jewellery.

In the past, Payal has been in charge of a hostel – Kailash boys near BbD university in Lucknow itself.

Payal believes that being busy imbibes more energy and improves efficiency. This is her motto in life! She has a beautiful daughter and a doting husband. Se manages her work -life balance very beautifully.

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