Meena C. Shah

About myself:

I was born and raised in Mumbai. However, I also lived in Ahmedabad for a few years where I completed my B.Com degree. I began my career in education in Ahmedabad and also, pursued my B.Ed. degree while teaching in school.My career in education began when I was 20 years old and I have never looked back. Apart from hands on teaching in a school, I have been part of a teacher training institute and also, a curriculum planner. I have also run and managed workshops for children with the concept of “Fun N Learn” to make specifically English and Maths less tedious and more interesting for them.My husband, Chetan, is my biggest supporter and motivator. My son, Kahan, is 20 years old and is studying in Pune.As I taught my son, when he was in Std. 5, I realised that there was a dearth of workbooks for ICSE students. Thus, I compiled Starchild Companion and Workbook for Std. 5. I have compiled several educational workbooks for children since then.

About Starchild Education and Learning: When my son, Kahan, left for his studies in Pune, I felt I had a lot of time in hand. I began tutoring children at home. As I tutored children at home, I often wanted to give them ready worksheets which will save their time and mine. I also wanted to challenge them with a variety of questions and prepare them thoroughly in the subjects I was teaching. I thus began preparing such worksheets. Our worksheets are fun, creative and interesting. The questions include crosswords, wordsearches, puzzles and pictorial questions, apart from the usual ones. I then realised that many students, parents and even, teachers, would benefit from this. Busy parents can easily involve themselves in their child’s studies by using our worksheets for revision and later, use them as reference material before exams. Though I too tutor children, I believe that Starchild Worksheets will help students to work on their own and they need not attend tuitions for all subjects. This will save them a lot of time which can be used for other activities. This realisation combined with the fact that the internet can connect me with parents, led me to conceive Starchild Education and Learning. (Our website: I believe Starchild Education and Learning is the first of its kind in Indian worksheet websites. My challenges: Since I had no idea about building a website, I asked a lot of questions and learned. Also, there is the challenge of reaching out to parents and making them understand the concept. Thus, this is a period of growth and learning for me.


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