Mr. Aman Gupta

YourMarch is co-founded by Aman Gupta (CEO) & Himanshu Tamrakar (COO). They are computer science engineers from RGPV Bhopal. They have industry experience of 2 years in OpenText, Hyderabad. They are together from last 5 years and has experience in various technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. With their knowledge in modern technologies like Big Data, AI, etc. and experience in Civic Engagement, they think that they can make a disruptive platform to bring Governance and Technology on the same plate.

YourMarch is an online platform which empowers voter to influence politics and government policies along with fellow voters while using game mechanics to encourage and rewards them for participation.

YourMarch’s journey began in November 2016. YourMarch’s mission is to empower every Indian to question and influence the government. Each and every Indian will be empowered only if they are connected together and raise their voice together. In order to bring any form of change within the society, be it social or civic, Citizens and Government are most important stakeholders in it. Change is not possible without influencing or changing government policies. Most of the youth felt disconnected with the government, but every citizen has something that he cares about, has some changes that he wants to see in the society, has some views on governance, policies, politics, etc.

The only way that youth can be engaged with government is through incorporating government and its activities within their daily life using technology. YourMarch believe that democracy is successful if its citizens are fully engaged with the government.

Currently, YourMarch has 2000+ users debating various topics. Debates are mostly focused on national and state level topics. In order to truly embed technology with democracy, debates should be focused on city and ward level. Therefore, YourMarch is looking for crowdfunding to expand its operations for the same.

We will use the amount raised from Catapooolt mainly for expanding our operations to major cities which will be decided on the basis of a number of backers from a specific city. So, if you want YourMarch in your city to help you connect with your voting community and representatives, please show your support by backing us.


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