Mr. Ananya Goel

The delights of the kitchen are not merely contained in the food, but the happiness that one derives from the distribution of this food. All food that is prepared with love is consumed with delight. One needs to be no chef to be a good cook; one just needs to intend to create love.

Cooking gives an unparalleled joy. Traditionally we look upon our mothers as great cooks. I believe that this notion is derived from the overbearing love of the mothers. We associate mothers with food because we dispel hunger with love, and not merely food!

Good food creates good nutrition, and good health in turn. We are what we eat; and therefore, we need to create love while we cook food.

Cooking may seem a daunting task to beginners, as did I, during my previous job. Choosing a recipe, hunting each ingredient & buying the smallest possible size to save money, cut and process them and finally cooking my meal totally sucked. The problem turned out to be humungous when I spoke to few of my friends and relatives, where either their mother was a working professional or they themselves were and had to face the crisis of doing the homework to cook a meal for their loved ones post 8 hours of work at the office.

And so I came across ChefsWay as a good option for all those who want to cook a gourmet meal at home and have little or no knowledge of that cuisine. The journey started with the small idea to make cooking fun and easy. With the idea in mind in November 2016, during my job as the lead technical engineer at a startup, I gathered a team with a background in sales & marketing and supply chain. We were able to develop and establish our online “ready to cook” store within months and releasing dishes by mid of March this year. With over 33% repeat customers we have completed almost 100 orders.

Chefsway delivers Ready to cook chef-curated fresh ingredient boxes of popular chef’s recipe at home.


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