Tailorkraft is a marketplace for tailors where people can get their garments stitched sitting at home. We are trying to create an ecosystem where dressmakers and fashion enthusiasts of the world can find each other. It is founded by Tamajit Mukherjee and Ankit, alumni of IIT (BHU), Varanasi. The core team is pretty well-balanced and comprises of engineers, PhDs, marketers from the premier colleges of India and fashion designers who have worked with the best designer labels of the country. After their B. Tech from IIT (BHU), Tamajit went on to work for Reliance Industries Limited as an engineer while Ankit went for a PhD at IIT Kharagpur.

During 2015 when we were researching the flash sale model that was fast becoming a trend, we wanted to experiment the same with apparels. It was back then that we came across this wonderful idea where the user can select and customize what he or she wishes to wear. With that idea in mind, back In August 2015, we started out on a journey to build a great custom clothing company in India. We kept our operations in Kolkata and tested the idea as a pilot in 2 cities, Kolkata and Bangalore. While we received a lot of plaudits, recognition and awards from the leading business plan competitions (IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore) and the Govt. of Karnataka, we received a mixed response financially. We realized that there were a few hurdles in making the entire idea popular among masses at this very moment without creating a brand identity first. Moreover, consumers were more pained about the service aspect rather than the fabrics. The tailoring industry has remained backward while ready-made and retail has progressed with leaps and bounds. Without any inclination in keeping themselves updated technologically and getting demotivated by lesser customers, the misery of tailors only snowballed. Thus, even though tailoring as a service was valued but the adoption by customers decreased due to the hassles in availing the service. People are busy and mobile while tailors are not. Thus, we decided to fix this highly fragmented tailoring industry of India worth $ 1.2Bn first.

We are trying to build a scalable platform where a customer will just open the app to see a map interface which will show him/her the various tailors around them and the details will be shown on clicking the markers on the map. The customer can then choose a tailor among the ones shown and place an order. The tailors will visit them and get the measurements and pick up the fabric. Eventually tailors will be enabled and empowered to get local leads and fulfill their customers’ demands through better services, resulting in more revenue. This is in the pipeline. Similarly, we are trying to build a marketplace platform for designers where the customers will come with a reference of the garment they want and a budget which will then be floated among the designers. The designers then compete with their quotes and showcasing previous works. The customer then selects the designer he/she prefers. The eventual aim is to be an ecosystem which enables dressmakers and fashion enthusiasts to find each other.


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