Mr. Ritwik Dang a game-changer in the social events industry Let’s celebrate something today! is a one-of-its-kind portal that caters to the needs and preferences of people looking to organize any function- which means not just weddings and related functions but also anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events etc. We are creating a ‘functions’ industry by digitizing the vendors and users through our portal. enlists vendors across different categories that are essential in any function and provide their details in a comprehensive manner. It eases out your search as it shows the rates for your respective gathering and the deliverables instead of just the standard rates for weddings. It also has a recommendation section wherein the users can ask the industry experts for recommending vendors falling in their budget for their functions. Another distinct feature of the portal is that the users can create their own personalized website through (e.g., users can create their anniversary/birthday/baby shower/wedding/corporate event website to invite their acquaintances, share information and photos with them, keep their friends and folks updated with the happenings around). Another amazing feature is e-Sagan which refers to the electronic transfer of shagun/sagan that is usually given in all functions. It eliminates the risk of handling paper money which ultimately might or might not reach the right person. People don’t need to carry any envelopes; instead they can directly transfer the amount to the beneficiary’s bank account. It also provides ideas and inspiration to users through its social media handles every day. The portal also features True Stories where users can share their story and pictures along with the vendors of their own functions. One of the major services is the FM Forum that connects the users and the vendors in an online discussion format where vendors will host sessions and users can interact directly with the vendors. So it’s all in one, your function planning resource! is a brainchild of Mr. Ritwik Dang who is an MBA graduate with expertise in Marketing, Strategic Planning, Customer Service and Business Development. He got the concept idea of after organising his own wedding. When he was managing the functions, he saw a lot of wedding portals that were in the market, all set to lure him to hire vendors directly from their site. He did his research, spoke to his friends and folks; but nowhere did he get a verified list of vendors for all his functions and it didn’t stop there- he faced some major challenges which he firmly believes that others who were trying to organize resources for their wedding would have also faced. The market was scattered; in the sense that some websites which let users create a wed-site (wedding website) did not have a verified vendor list and other features like e-invites, and some which had, did not have the other services. He couldn’t plan his functions easily in just a few clicks, or on a single portal. He had to put in a lot of efforts which didn’t let him spend time with his near & dear ones during his own wedding. Soon he realized that this is common amongst all functions like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, etc. That is when he thought that this is it- he will create a portal to eliminate all the hassles in this market and that’s how FunctionMania was born. Basic Concept It is a one-stop-shop kind of a solution wherein the client has access to all the options in just a click! From seeing the wide range of vendors, to booking them, to inviting their contacts through their own website, to inviting e-sagan, to sharing their event stories with the world, to just celebrating happiness. Taking you through our staggering achievements in our 6 months journey-

Website traffic of over 80,000 users in the month of March. 500+ Vendors in Delhi NCR (Now expanding to Mumbai as well). 1st company in this industry to collaborate with RADIOCITY 91.1FM for ‘Band, Baja, Bazaar’ campaign in December’16. All India ALEXA website rank- 12,000. Generated business worth 1.2 Cr for our registered vendors already. Covered Pan-India by Businessworld Disrupt, YoSuccess and Humans of Entrepreneurship. Over 55,000 organic likes and followers on Facebook | Over 1,500 followers on Instagram. Dedicated team of professionals handling all operations. In-house technical team committed to 24/7 backend support. Personalized marketing services to all vendors.


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