Mr. Souparno Majumder

I have started off as a software developer in 2012. I have been associated with many startups from Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Goa (yes. I have spent a good amount of my employment in the magical place of Goa ! ! I just loved it.) Even worked with a tech companies of Japan.It’s been 4 months I have started developing a non technical term we are building computers that will develop products for you.

I hail from a family where my dad, used to mentor student to run the family, I was like that typical “Masterji Ka Beta”. Being from Bengali family my ethics were more on giving values to inner qualities rather than the extravagant show offs. My interest was with understanding heavily, how things work, and the satisfaction from knowing the intricate principles of physics and how it’s wrapped up and applied to everyday objects,was like finding the keys to a secret treasure chest. Once I had created a concept car project that would be able to take turns at higher speed without getting overturned. The project though was dumped by my family, was fortunately taken up by my school, to represent them at BIRLA TECHNOLOGY MUSEUM. My family never had much means to get me to study engineering, and neither was I much studious to crack an IIT. Knowing my limits I applied for B.SC (3 year course) in Calcutta university and graduated in 2009 with electronic hons. I lacked a mentor for a guide, as a result I had not much clarity with what I would do. I am intrigued about learning, but the way, education is imparted had broken my heart. It is used to create career opportunities, rather than as an enlightenment experience. After graduation I took some time off, and sustained myself through tutoring students on computer science in my school and college days, I almost bunked classes and spent time with coding in the computer lab! It was in my college days, that I saved some of my earning and brought my first computer. After numerous rejections from different companies, I found my first opportunity to work on a software project in a small startup in Calcutta in 2012. I was a passionate coder, and my career graph was quick and smooth. I always wanted to create things on my own, I would lose my sleep in the night when I saw people working full time on their dream projects. I can’t explain the rage I had felt inside me, the fire that would burn inside asking me to build the things I truly believed into. I often left jobs to pursue my projects, and would quickly be back to another one to sustain myself. I have failed numerous number of times, I have experienced a lot, through my failures and success. After understanding the market, and with innumerable update on self discipline and work skills, I finally was able to start my code-bot to teach coders code. Cuboid is an AI based code-bot, that we are presently developing to teach developers how to make indie games. The other use for it would be as a virtual employee to prototype a product quickly. Presently we are getting incubated by nasscom India, and with a little help from you would bring this project alive. I need to hire, 2 more developers to my team, along with a getting a marketing company to promote the product. There are only a few more stairs to climb, but I would need your help to make this happen. Your contribution would mean a lot.


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