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Hi, I am Priyanka Bhatia, a co-founder at Women On Wealth. We help women create wealth with step-by-step guides and financial trainings so that they can manage their financial lives effectively – for peace of mind – and grow their wealth. Our programs are well-researched, personally-tested, and affordable. Women who have worked with us have created and reached their financial goals – even those that looked impossible to reach!

I began my career as a journalist and earned a decent salary. Like many young women, I spent my money on big brand clothes, jewellery, and entertainment. But, I also had big goals like: • Buying my own property • Earning from my investments • Starting my own business

Two things were happening – 1: my actions were just not consistent with my goals. I mean, I was spending money on stuff that I did not need. It would have been better spent on my goals. But, maybe, you know how it is, right? The second thing was that my father, like many others, had his own plans for the money I was earning. A very successful and well-meaning man, he took it for granted, like many parents, that I would get married to a good man who would take care of all my needs and that I would never have to work. So, with that in mind, he put my surplus money in a PPF account and a few fixed deposits and that was it. While these are sound investments, they were completely inconsistent with my goals of buying my own property, earning from investments, and starting my own business – my dream of financial independence! Perhaps this resonates with you. Now, I was lost, upset, and frustrated, and did not know where to begin! I wanted to save – and save more, pay off my debts, build my wealth, but I did not know how – I did not have the mindset or the methodology for it! I asked my colleagues and friends and they gave me some ad hoc tips which I followed, in the hope that this would put me on track. On my own, I tried my hand in equities and lost a lot of money. Similarly, I tried my hand in few other investments and lost a ton of money. I was confused and in pain! On top of that, I felt frustrated that my bank relationship managers took me for granted, and were indifferent to my requirements – because I was a woman. I realized that I did not have the sense to judge and take effective decisions in managing money intelligently on my own. Helpless! Lost! I even had struggle with property brokers. They did not want to serve me just because I was a woman. On top of that, each encounter with them left me mistrustful and insecure. Meanwhile, my male colleagues had bought their first properties, but I was struggling to even understand where to begin. How I Found a Solution and created a powerful solution that you can use, too. Restless, I just did not know what to do. With a shock, I realized that I did not know how to reach my goals – my first property. I realized that I lacked the mindset, and the basics of money which were required for me to grow my money. I started reading books, learnt from business coaches, successful businessmen – my father, included – and women, investors, and finance professionals and began shaping the mindset which was required for me to make my money work for me. Results Three things I learned and want to share with you and as many other people as possible. 1. Create vivid and specific financial vision for myself 2. Align spending, saving and investment with goals 3. Upskill ongoingly and persistently to master financial intelligence and freedom And, from all my learnings from people who had successfully created pathways to their goals and from other resources, my impossible goals began to come true. Within a year, I saw myself thinking differently about money – my mindset changed. My financial intelligence rose. I could align my spending and saving with my financial goals, my values and my life’s purpose. I was able to save, and save more than I ever thought I could, I listed my goals, and also began my journey to building my financial foundation first. I made investments in properties, and gold, and took my finances to the next level. To help you get a sense of how my mindset changed and how my financial destiny altered I’ll share a quick example with you. In fact, I’m still taken aback by an audacious investment I made with just Rs. 30 in my handbag. It resulted in a property worth Rs. 18 lakhs at today’s value. This happy return on my investment was the result of a combination of vital elements – listening to my intuition, intention, focus on goals, a roadmap, action, and, yes, faith. How did I do this – well, that’s a story for later. But for now, I want to assure you that it is easier than you think it is. I’ve been through the hard parts, learned from Masters and from failures. I will show you, step by step, the strategy that will work for you; why it works; and how to do it – in WOW Money Gym program that is customized just for you. 1. WOW Money Gym – WOW Money Gym is a 3-months long structured program, and we meet once a week for our session of 2 hours. These can be done on Skype too.

These are the 10 Steps we cover in our sessions: Step 1 Building A Vision For Yourself! Step 2 Covering the Gap: Building A Roadmap Step 3 Being in the Present: Tracking Your Life Energy Step 4 Where Is It All Going? Monthly Tabulation Step 5 Three Questions that Will Transform Your Life Step 6 Making Your Life Energy Visible: Your Wall Chart Step 7 Respecting Your Life Energy: Minimizing Spending Step 8 Respecting Your Life Energy: Maximizing Income Step 9 Capital and the Crossover Point Step 10 Securing Your Financial Independence

The program can help you: * Reduce stress around money. * Have more clarity about money. * Feel more in control and empowered about money. * Get out of debt faster than you thought possible. * Live within your means and develop savings. * Get to the point where you can choose the type of work you do. * Reconnect with a greater meaning and purpose in your life. * Have more time for the activities and people that are important to you. * Experience fulfillment in your life.


If you’re interested, we can set up a 90-minute free Discovery Session with you. The session can help you get a taste of the program, and help you get: – Clarity on your financial goals – Clear picture of how much money has entered your life, and clear the fog on how much more can enter – Get a broad overview of your financial status – Identify your pattern on why you fail with money – And, a choice to transform your financial destiny

2. Do over 7,500 stocks listed in the stock market – make you wonder how to pick the best, doesn’t it? The ‘Art of Picking Quality Stocks For Beginners’ program is for women who intend to take their first step in the stock market. The first step in this beautiful stocks world is building your portfolio, that is, the need is to select quality stocks which will make money in the market.

Each session is approx 4 hours each. In the entire program, you get: 1. A step-by-step method to examine the truth about companies and their stock offerings 2. One-on-one support from the private Women Investor Network (WIN) Community of Members 3. Access to a dynamic learning, doing and sharing community

Here’s the detailed session-by-session information:

Session 1 (4 hours): In this session, we lay the fundamentals of stock investing, and get you started on identifying stocks which can make you money in the stock market. After identifying worthy stocks to invest your money in, it’s best to read everything it’s saying about itself in its annual report. But, which are the important sections to read and watch for which impact our decision making. In this session, this is what we unfold.

Takeaways from Session 1: 1. Pick the worthy stocks, which would – fall the least during bad times, and – appreciate well in value over a period of time. 2. How To Read Annual Reports – What They’re Really Saying and What to Look For.

Session 2 (4 hours): After learning about what to read in an annual report, we help you learn how to judge the financial performance of the stocks you’ve selected by calculating the important financial ratios, and deepening the work on it.

Takeaways from Session 2: 1. Learn about the important financial ratios which help you further select the best quality stocks in the market 2. An Excel Sheet structure is shared so that you don’t have to worry about calculations. Made easy for you! Your job is to just insert the data of your selected stocks, and it will give you all the information on ratios.

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