Suganya sri Venkatesh

Ms Suganya sri Venkatesh , holds a degree in B.Sc ( Bio Chemistry) and was awarded Gold medal for academic proficiency in her final year  Married to – BG Venkatesh , Sukanya is blessed with two children- Lakshwinsai – 6 Yrs , Jai Abhishek – 11 Years   In her Career planning 12 years she has build a chain of Preschools and Afterschool activity centres  under the  brand name of BG Future school  and Dhrona india Academy respectively  she actively involves with Research and development to build curriculum for early stage learners around  “Happiness “ as a theme . Currently leading a large team of  80  women facilitators across 10 learning centres with primary objective to empower and create better responsible educators. Her team members are groomed  on continuous basis to become financially independent and eventually become confident world citizens.      Her Future Projects and objectives include: To become a pan india brand by 2020 in the field of  early stage learning. Build enterprise to  employ  rural women in technology  driven environments.  Her Personal Interests: Classical Dance, Fitness and travel and japanese culture.

Her Key concerns:  Sustainable agriculture, equitable wealth distribution, Affordable Health care


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