Supriya R Kamath

Born and brought up in Bangalore, Mrs. Supriya Kamath shifted base to one of a small village near Udupi called Barkur post marriage. Driven by her passion towardsEntrepreneurship, joined the Family Business “Uttam Agro Industries”. Initially it wasn’t easyto get into business; she had to show her worth as to what she could contribute to the

business. Since then she has been positively contributing to the business. The DATA management which was never touched upon was taken care by her and a Daily, Monthlyand Annual reports of Material IN for the Batch Making according to the formulations,

Material OUT of number of Finished Products manufactured, Life of the pellet mill Die,Process loss, Processing Expenditure and the maintenance of inventory in accountingsoftware Tally were systematically maintained. She introduced software for the easyformulation of feed. Though from a science background has managed to understandaccounts as well as has a credit of training a number of accountants under her. She is

presently working on an app for the effective management of the poultry farms. She nevermisses a chance to attend a number of Management Development Programs (MDP) at someof the top B Schools to keep up with the changing trend and to be updated with the latesttechnologies.

Hobby: Travelling, Cooking, Music, Fitness

Firm: Started as a Animal feed distributors in the year 1987, UTTAM AGRO INDUSTRIES (UAI)

entered the manufacturing sector by setting up its own mash feed plant in the year 2000 at

Yadthady one of the rural village in Udupi District of Coastal Karnataka. Going with the

changing trend UAI was the first in coastal Karnataka to undergo technical upgradation with

the help of DIC to a pellet plant in the year 2005.


1) Broiler feed

a) X-Lent Pre Starter Crumbs

b) X-Lent Starter Crumbs

c) X-Lent Finisher Pellet

d) Uttam Starter Crumbs

e) Uttam Finisher Pellets

2) Layer Feed

a) Uttam Layer Chicks Crumb

b) Uttam Layer Chicks Grower Crumbs

c) Uttam Layer Crumbs

d) Uttam Layer Pellet

3) Goat and Sheep Feed

4) Rabbit Feed

5) Swine/ Pig Feed

6) Emu Feed

7) Quail Feed

a) Uttam Quail Starter Crumbs

b) Uttam Quail Finisher Crumbs

c) Uttam Quail Layer Crumbs

Uttam Agro Industries Door No. 1-222(A), Yadthady - 576210 Udupi Tq. and Dist., Karnataka

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