Viswanadh Akella

Have you heard of the golden goose story? Do you wish to have such golden goose giving golden egg on a daily basis? This can never become real but what if your wallet intelligently invests into low risk and high return investments on daily basis, but we all do have plenty of such avenues in terms of the Equity market, Mutual funds. Isn’t it? On an average, the return on conventional investments is average 12% return definitely better than your fixed deposit. With the advent of Blockchain-based currencies like Bitcoin, Ether and many more cryptocurrencies and financial instruments are paving a new breed of investments. These are called alternate investment instruments. The advantage with these instruments is they are less volatile than conventional share market and that is the reason the yields are 120% for the year 2015 when compared to traditional instruments. Just a zero on right makes you pull to make more money? Then you need the power of SimplyFI’s Bitcoin Artificial Intelligence Trading which makes your Crypto wallet a powerhouse of investment. Unleash never before returns with BAIT. Use cryptocurrency to rule the cashless economy by seamless NFC payments. A wallet which is investment instrument, a payment Gateway, a Loyalty token collector. In fact, you are a bank by yourself. By unleashing the power of Blockchain we are enabling secure transactions, Investments, same day trade settlements, instant payments across boundaries with a minimal commission and growing your cryptocurrencies on a daily basis with Robotic, AI-powered investment strategy. All investments on BAIT are not subject to market risks. You heard it right. Our state of art AI algorithm will return 95% guaranteed returns. You will also get powered by analytical interpretations of your investments. It is not just Currency trading, the AI tool will choose from the host of Alternate investments to make your conventional wallet investment spread. To name a few Bitcoin ETFs, Ether & other crypto Assets, Mfs based on Crypto coins and most prominently Syndicated loans. So why wait just install BAIT app. Buy any cryptocurrency and experience the magic of how an investment will secure your present & future. Funding is a very critical aspect of research to the most emerging alternate investment instruments, design & development of these investments with advanced AI techniques & cryptographic algorithms to ensure the security of the investment. Also, global Bitcoin community or cryptocurrency enthusiast over 5 Million should be reached through various marketing strategies which include Digital Media Marketing. Funding will also help build the network for Banks & Investment firms to use the platform and post the alternate instruments so the marketplace for alternate investments grows. They are now amongst the top 32 Catapooolt Changemakers Season 2 and are trying to bring a change in their disruptive idea. You too can be a part of their initiative by backing them on –